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Company Profile

TRENDL ASSOCIATES, LTD. was founded as an executive search firm to support the ever-expanding human capital needs of our clients. The founding principals of the firm bring a collective tenure of over 30 years in executive search serving the best in class organizations domestically as well as internationally.

The common threads occurring in the business community surround the idea of change. In order for any organization to grow it must always be up to the task of redefining itself in order to sustain. Hence, our logo. What appears to most will be an incomplete triangle. In fact it is the Greek letter Delta, most commonly used to denote change in some form. The slight abstraction to its side represents the candidate. By using Trendl Associates, Ltd. for your search and selection needs, our professionals will find the appropriate candidate whose unique skills and qualifications will aid in ensuring your firm’s success, to complete that symbol for change if you will.

The most common aspect to change is that it is always with us. Growth, evolution and learning are all a series of change. It is a truism, that in life, be it professional or personal the only constant is change.

Trendl Associates, Ltd. prides itself on listening to our clients’ needs and wishes. We bring the experience, creativity and industry knowledge necessary to fulfill our clients’ expectations in the shortest possible time frame. A successfully placed candidate who enhances the client’s business is how we measure our success.

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