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Our sole focus at Trendl Associates, Ltd. is to successfully fulfill the client’s objectives in a timely and professional manner. The firm maintains a strict adherence to the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) Code of Ethics.

The goal is to find that individual who distinguishes him or herself as the most qualified solution to the client’s needs.

Upon engagement Trendl Associates, Ltd. will hold in depth discussions with those individuals responsible for the hiring process.

A list of individuals from those firms that most closely align themselves as a solution to the client’s need is generated. Because of the level of tenure and experience of our professional staff, we draw from our industry knowledge, our network of individuals and firms as well as cold search applications.

Phone screens are followed by in depth personal interviews. In addition to standard sets of credentials such as résumés, we drill down to ascertain management style, leadership qualities, accomplishments as well as professional and personal ambitions. References and background checks are recorded. Additionally, if the client instructs, psychological testing and profiles can be administered and scored by licensed professionals.

We maintain our presence throughout the process, including the offer and acceptance stages. Subsequent calls are made to the newly established employee and the client after 30 and 90 days to ensure that there is a smooth and orderly transition.

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