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2011 President's Message

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In our commentary from 2010, we wrote of epic change globally and the fact that the smart money was quietly moving forward. Our belief is that the trend continues in 2011. Most of us are still dazed and confused and uncertainty hangs in the air. The question for corporations and citizens is, do we wait for our politicians to work out their differences and come up with a coherent plan on taxes and healthcare (as a start); or do we move forward and hope they catch up.

Our belief is that we hope they catch up. The best and the brightest are blazing their own trail, we are always going to have uncertainty, and the leaders are putting resources forward to best advantage themselves regardless of the outcomes in Washington and our State and local municipalities.

Economic uncertainty is another way of stating we have inefficiencies, and as every savvy finance manager knows—it's the inefficiencies that create opportunities. Corporations have wrung the excesses out of the balance sheet, the work has all been done on the expense side of the ledger, and companies are showing some impressive bottom line gains.

In order to keep the momentum it is time to focus on the top line numbers and the only way for those increases to happen is to drive growth. Growth means hiring and hiring is not only a confidence builder, it's THE game-changer.

Candidate pools will begin to shrink and the candidate demand side of the equation will rule the day.

Trendl Associates believes that the best talent is out there to be sourced; people are too busy to surf the job boards or connect through a social network. Sometimes the old trails are the best and so it is back to basics in recruitment—cold calls and face to face discussions.

Inefficiencies, opportunities all signify change and those search firms that swung too far away from the basics pendulum will have to change and reinvent themselves. We've never dropped the basics at Trendl Associates, Ltd and for that reason we are uniquely positioned for the next wave in corporate hiring. We don't wait for the landscape to change; we simply let it catch up.

For everyone else this is a new paradigm shift in recruitment; the next evolution in search, the change they've been waiting for, whereas for Trendl Associates it is just business as usual.

Joseph R. Trendl's Signature
Joseph R. Trendl President

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