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Trendl Associates, Ltd. will collect personal data from individuals during the course of our business to be able to conduct ourselves and provide services as an executive search firm. This data typically is included in the individuals credentials (résumé or CV / curriculum vitae) and will normally include but not be limited to: name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, record of employment history, scholastic achievements, degrees, languages and any other pertinent information. Accordingly it may also include interview notes, commentary from our search professionals as well as commentary and intake from referral sources. Our data files may also include details gleaned from public documents in addition to information gathered from private sources.

Trendl Associates, Ltd. will make a best efforts approach to ensure that any information collected is accurate, and timely. We will not obtain information under false and / or misleading pretences.

We will not solicit information or data on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, nor political status and/or opinions.


Information that is collected will be entered into our database. This relevant data is accessible only to Trendl Associates, Ltd. personnel, and is intended solely for the use of executive search and recruitment related services. Individuals who elect to send to us unsolicited credentials must note that this information will be stored in our database.


Data will only be disclosed outside Trendl Associates, Ltd. personnel at such time as when the individual is deemed to be a proper candidate for a specific position with a client company and with the full knowledge and consent of the individual. No third party disclosure will be allowed unless required to do so by law.

Documents are provided to clients with the necessary notations reminding them of the confidentiality of the information and their obligation to comply with that confidentiality.

Any individual whose credentials are stored by Trendl Associates, Ltd. may request a copy of his/her information. Further, any individual whose credentials are stored by Trendl Associates, Ltd. may request that information be added, inaccuracies corrected or that the credentials be entirely removed form our database. These requests must be made in writing and submitted to a principal for verification before any such action is taken.

Trendl Associates, Ltd. will make every best effort possible to comply with all requests as quickly as possible.

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